When I was young, I used to dream
of running so fast I’d take off, fly
and soar across plains, rolling in sky.
But such lofty thought? Impossible it seemed
that I could jog at such a pace
and yet… and yet… as we ran side by side
determined, pressing, not running a race,
houses to field, then trees to hedge slide,
burbled a rich, lofty sensation,
a deep-gut, mind-filled elation
of covering ground beneath warm sun
of feet on ground then into air sprung.
Venture, in-part, gained by training in gym:
this dream, this vision, no longer so dim.

Sonnet 30 of 100

A few weeks back, a friend of mine and I went for a 35 minute-ish/7.08km jog after church (jogging the route on the map then back again). Recently, I’ve been going to the gym and learning what healthy food tastes like: these two elements certainly helped with covering the distance. But what made the jog particularly enjoyable was simply having such great company: talking and laughing as we went.


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