crackling radio, filling room, breaking,
disturbing, displacing silence,
carrying sadness, reality shifting
pleas of longing, disturbing balance
of lonely dissertion: hard choice made
consequences uncounted, eyes afraid
as black night flashes: gunshots, gunfire
drip-feeding, slowly-building, inner ire.
World burns thousand shades, flickering red
walls melt, wood cries million tears
filling mind, rubble strewn streets, souls fled
lined features, steely countenance, deep frown,
strap clicked, head covered, helmet pressed down


Sonnet 28 of 100 sonnets

A few weeks ago I was privileged to meet a fantastic chap called Rajnish who has a wonderfully imaginative and creative mind that he uses to create short films. He kindly blessed me with a sneak-peak of a piece he’s currently working on: the above sonnet is  my words upon that. Hopefully, it conjures some feelings and thought within. After all, we sadly live in a world of displaced people, in a world where war wrecks the lives of many. I live in a house filled with decent folk who have experienced the bloodier side of a gun: one of whom hasn’t heard from his family in 2 years, and he fears it’s because his brother (who was in the Iranian army) is no more.

If you’d like to see more of Rajnish’s work, you can find him at:


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