When we walked, let’s walk again


I recall when life was simpler,
a black ‘n’ white, a monochrome,
but now it seems my mind will roam,
across being, and you, and similar
themes. My mind: tired and burnt out upon religion
whilst knowing darkness needs light, needs love,
such things amongst us, not distant, high above
but in our core, around us, in vision
of our world. In essence, you in our form
and that’s how it was, when you walked
in Galilee, ate with the burnt out, talked
of love, belonging, calmed the inner storm.
You were incarnate, you knew reality:
grace, love, forever your speciality

Sonnet 26 of 100 sonnets

Recently, my mind has been churning over questions and thoughts regarding religion and Christianity. I desire to be authentic: not religious but loving. The above are my reflections but, as fitting for this 100 day challenge, in sonnet form.


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