charlie hebdo.jpg
Wrists slit, words tumble when _____ dialled down,
death not locking sentiments behind lip;
with creased brow, gritted teeth, determined frown,
these firestarters wont let _____ slip.
When darkness swirls and darkness creeps,
frames quake, spirits break, countenance dips
as _____ seems to fade, chillness to bone seeps.
With stirring words, hardy deeds: resolve flips;
for this war is fought on smaller scale,
where _____ rises up in daily acts
of shared humanity; fear buckles, flails
when love shows itself: peaceful pacts
‘twixt differing folk, raising voice, making LIGHT
of darkness: in this preresolved fight.

Sonnet 27 of 100

As I was searching through David Doran’s wonderfully quirky website for poetical inspiration, I encountered the political illustration for ‘Je Suis Charlie, Politico EU’. The illustration stirred memories of the resolve and solidarity that swiftly surrounded and backed Charlie Hebdo following the terrorist attack upon in 2015.
If you want to check out more of David Doran’s thought-provoking and intelligent illustrations, you can do so by popping onto his creative website:


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