Sweetest Tiggy


Bag of bones but much more, much more than that
with wizened eyes and withered tail
and majestic gait fitting you, fae cat,
precious, cherished and loved by all;
calico, tortoise shell, what to name you,
regal queen with soft tred as you prowl
your realm, domain, of splendorous view
patrolled in gentle ways, no growl.
And so it seems you know your role,
well-practiced, oft-rehearsed, and now content
as you lie, rest, no longer chase vole;
warming belly, claws in sheathes, these days spent
in such tranquility, well deserved
as energy’s saved, truly reserved


Sonnet 21 of 100

A Shakespearean sonnet seemed to be most fitting for Tiggy, a friend’s cat. She’s aging well and, was once, a stray but is now surrounded by a loving family. The above drawing was executed by her owner, Ruth, who has a fantastic eye for detail.

You can find more of her work at:





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