Lunam’s Song

moon scape

Silver lined, white crested, navy clouds
skidding cross darkened reflections,
witching hour heavens; picture of sky
in still tranquility cuttingly mirrored.
The darkened land creeping to edge,
like tentative bather dipping toe in water;
where eternity greets now, corners meet;
jagged rocks consumed by gentle waves.
High above, stary host watches,
silver pin-pricks, majesty dwarfed by distance,
upon this quiet scene, attention locked
as painter paints, strokes rendered to memory.
The peace, the stillness, forever captured
by guided marks fittingly frozen.

Sonnet 19 of 100

My friend, Nancy, paints with soft hues and light edges: creating landscapes which find the fine balance between realism and the land of fae. If you’d like to have a look over some of her other paintings, she has a collection on Beside the Wave’s website:




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