softly they tred

hand-in-hand, they cross blackish sand
arms lightly swing, fingers lightly cling
as wind off sea dutifully sings
and they march on; cold they withstand
as they stride on to destination planned
to drift over dark waves on childhood wings
fleeing tundra, on tangent, towards dreamland
leaving behind them silvery trail
of wishes, of thoughts, pressed into footprints
beneath an eternal onyx sky
ne’er for bones to crumble, frame turn frail
forever smiles pressed on minds, imprinted
as they soar above arctic waves, ne’er to die

ruth 2

Today’s sonnet is inspired by a piece of artwork beautifully painted by a friend, a song called ‘Glosoli’ by Sigur Ros and a song called ‘Bless the Child’ by Nightwish.

Hopefully, it captures some mood that’ll resonate with you

Sonnet 11 of 100



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