White Roses

white roses

the stark reality of pure roses
fresh and full of verisimilitude
life-like caught in pixalated poses
rendering atmosphere, deepening mood.
The softness of lines, the smoothness of curves
mixed with the gentleness of oil
and the shining of the varnish that serves
to enrich the darkness, artistic foil
to innocence of roses’ skull whiteness
and its symbolic purity captured
as red and green bleed from petal’s crispness
and I stare at that painting, enraptured.
The scent, the sight, the light stronger than death
soft whisper of love upon final breath

The above poem was inspired by the work of an artistic friend with a keen eye and a talented ability to render oil paintings as if they were pixalated. His artwork has won various awards and a selection of his art can be found on the website for the gallery where they’re being shown until 7th May


Sonnet 10 of 100

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