Dancing Blue













Dancing blue, swirling lines like Bob Fosse
once did. Elegant, smooth, livening night
snatching each moment; minutes not lost
as you breathe, breathe freely in Soho’s lights
and feel the undeniable beats of
Greek Street. Though tempo having changed sheer, clear
atmosphere steady plays. The language of love
and lust still weaves, cafes open til dawn tears
night to shreds. So, stand and think, stand and think
philosopher thoughts; as lights blur, sirens whirr
and Soho keeps to its nocturnal beats
guiding the lost, the confused, the seer
through this pretty, picturesque kinda gloom
hoping some day, some day, clarity looms

Sonnet inspired by the talented fashion photographer, Nicole Gomes (https://www.instagram.com/nicolemgomes/)


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