A sonnet to a brother who never lived

I must confess, it has been a time

Since your soft name has graced my mind

A label, title, as much yours as mine

A poignant word I thought I’d left behind

black brook 3

Sunny, bright days we’d walk in together

Shade we’d lounge in, cooled by deep shadow

Blue skies, bubbling water stretching forever

As we’d stroll brook-margined green meadow

black brook 2

You never tip-toed foreground nor limelight

Never a harsh word slipped beyond your lips

Heart-wrenching moment were you in full sight

Upon your precious, pale forehead: a kiss

black brook 5

Sweet brother, your chest never rose nor fell

Never to pass this ideal pastural

 black brook 4

James Green (died 15.04.1987; born 16.04.1987)


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