Broken Sonnet to Spring

After writing numerous haikus over Lent, I grew slightly bored of that form and wanted to try out a Sonnet. That said, I then felt breaking the sonnet down would work for this poem.


Cold winter drags

As bleak winter plods

Shortest days confine

With their deep-pit nights

Rabid black dogs

Bay at the moon

Granting mournful applause

Devoid of any edge of delight


Stretched gloaming reflects

A world lost in pain

Conflicted, broken earth

With flooded plains and frozen grass

Dripping with harsh, icy rain

Skeletal canopies roof cold, hard ground

Harsh nature choking

Land in vengeful grasp


Will the Stygian ever fade,

Vanish like melted ice?

Will the days ever lengthen

To push back the night?

Will Spring ever return

Breaking Death’s dark vice?

Will the clouds ever break

To reveal the sun’s splendid light?


Healing the barren branches

The soft, delightful blossom

Lifting aching souls

The light, peaceful blossom



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