A place of waffle

And lines strung together

In an attempt

To make art


A sand box

For rhyming words

And fusing words

And playing with iambic pentameter


In a sea of many voices

This is but another drowned mariner

Attempting to sound clever

Amidst his final gurgling gurgles

Happy New Year, Happy Middle of the Year, Happy End of the Year: dependent on when you read this, if you ever do.

For me, 2017 was a creative year.
During Lent I wrote a haiku every day for 40 days. During the spring and summer, I wrote 100 sonnets in 100 days. Having experimented and trial-ran those two sessions, this year I’m going to attempt the 365 day challenge.
The 365 day challenge is where you decide to do something creative every day for 365 days. In a phrase: it’s a creative new year’s resolution. I’ve chosen to write, and blog, a poem every day.
I hope you enjoy following this waffling poet as he experiments with varying poetical forms.




Two cups of tea

And I’m just about awake;

In a zombie state


I’ve got letters,

BAAM! It makes little sense

When words all jumbled

Pentameter all skewed

Rhyme schemes somewhere


I work with kids

Special kids

In many ways

Some behave well

Others wear knowing grins

All individual

Unique and stunning


Hopefully, within these lines

And stanzas

And photos

And waffle

You’ll find something

That helps you be you

And me be me





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